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Friendly Visit Program™
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For many people, it’s difficult to accept the fact that they need help. Young or old, people enjoy and want their independence. When a loved one needs in-home care, but they don’t want it or believe they need it, getting help for them is difficult, if not impossible. Often, care comes too late or at a point of decline that could have been delayed had the right resources been in place.

At Home Helpers, we understand this and have a plan to help smooth the transition. Our flexible and affordable Friendly Visit Program features a gradual approach to in-home care that often begins with supplemental help around the house, such as light housekeeping, running errands or basic companionship. Using this initial approach often breaks the barrier of a client’s fear and anxiety regarding “some stranger coming into their home.” Our clients then have more input regarding their care, resulting in a care plan that is appropriate, affordable and better accepted. 

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“I felt very fortunate to have your all-inclusive help when leaving the rehab hospital, to enable me to go home alone.  It is what every doctor should order! 

Pat M.
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